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Litter Master 9000 Outdoor Waste Collector Vacuum


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  • Litter Master 9000 Outdoor Waste Collector Vacuum

    Litter Master 9000 Outdoor Waste Collector Vacuum

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    Litter Master

    The Litter Master is the perfect solution for rapid vacuum collection of items such scattered drink cans, plastic bottles, cigarette butts,leaf, broken glass , newspapers, plastic bags, straw, grains, wrappers and other loose rubbish in a fraction of the time when compared with manual litter picking crews. 





    Litter Master is powered by the latest generation, electric start Vanguard Petrol or an optional Yanmar Diesel engine. High static pressure is generated by Litter Master's uniquely powerful, 12 blade turbine impeller fan, which is unlikely to ever require maintenance.

    You will achieve substantially greater productivity with very high airflow rates of up to 9000 cubic feet per minute using large diameter 8 inch or optional 5 inch duct hoses. Straight through suction means no impeller fan to snag and zero abrasive fan wear, unlike low performance, suction through the fan scroll leaf litter vacuums.

    This improved design means no more cross contamination of finely shredded litter which is better for environmentally important litter sorting and recycling. Litter Master's horizontal layout allows it to use low cost disposable bio-degradable 400 litre capacity, fully recyclable, dust filtered vacuum collection bags.Litter master 9000






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