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Glutton 2211 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner


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  • Glutton 2211 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

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    Glutton Industrial

    The Glutton® works on electric batteries, which provide 48 hours autonomy of use and which can be recharged overnight just by plugging into the mains. These batteries have exceptional longevity guaranteed.


    Effective on all surfaces : The Glutton® works as well outside as inside, on every type of surface: concrete, tarmac, paving, lawn, cinder track, sand, etc. Because The Glutton® is 79 cm wide it goes everywhere, even through a domestic doorway.


    The Glutton® devours all types of waste: fragments of wood, steel, plastic, aluminium, paper, cardboard boxes, textile waste, dead leaves, cigarette butts, drink cans and glass, plastic and metal bottles, etc. The Glutton® is equipped with a “bulky waste basket” which can cope with even the biggest waste items over 125mm.


    • single sound insulation 60dba
    • pvc 125 mm suction pipe
    • non wireless vacuum control handle
    • Flat and non removable filter grid
    • Gel batteries (5-6 hours run time)
    • No plastic bag kit
    • No broom /shovel holder
    • no water sprayer
    • no glove box
    • no work light
    • no fire extinguisher
    • no carbon fiber vacuum pipe






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