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Nilfisk SC900 Walk Behind Scrubber

We stock products suitable for washing and scrubbing floors in commercial kitchens, large and small warehouses, and shopping centres. Our range includes walk-behind and ride-on units powered by electricity from the mains, battery, petrol, gas and diesel.


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  • Nilfisk SC900 Walk Behind ScrubberNilfisk SC900 Walk Behind ScrubberNilfisk SC900 Walk Behind Scrubber

    Nilfisk SC900 Walk Behind Scrubber

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    Product Description

    The Nilfisk SC900 large walk behind scrubber is designed to be durable, efficient removing the complexity associated with floor cleaning equipment, especially for the building service contractor.

    Maintaining an industrial facility can be challenging. That is why Nilfisk developed the SC900, a simple machine allowing facility operators to focus on core tasks in a productive manner. The absence of sophisticated electronics and excessive features makes it simple to use by anyone, provides maximum uptime and reliability and lowers your overall cost to clean. This walk behind scrubber removes common complexity routinely associated with floor cleaning




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