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Gerni SC DUO 7P - 180/2400 Stationary 2-Pump Cold Water 415v 3 Phase Pressure Cleaner

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  • Gerni SC DUO 7P - 180/2400 Stationary 2-Pump Cold Water 415v 3 Phase Pressure Cleaner

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       Designed for large cleaning tasks SC DUO  7P is ideal for agriculture with milking sheds, sties, and stables. Food and pharma industry with processing equipment, conveyors, and tanks. Shipping and industry with ship decks, bulkheads, and industrial equipment. Even oil and grease can be removed easily thanks to the hot water inlet.. Offers you the flexibility of being either one user – or two working together. Cleaning efficiency is maximized by a 4-piston long-life motor pump accepting both cold and hot water up to 85°C.
      The SC DUO models 6P and 7P significantly improve the performance levels of 2-pump cold water high pressure washers. Thanks to higher working pressure and increased water flow, even large heavy-duty cleaning jobs can be handled with ease.

      Built for use in excess of 6 hours per day, each model can be customized to meet your exact cleaning needs and ensure a lower Total Cost of Ownership.
        • NA6 and C3 high-quality motor pumps with brass pump heads
        • 1450 rpm; 4 full ceramic pistons and double roller bearings
        • Working pressure up to 180 bar
        • Water flow up to 2x1500 l/h,25l/min
        • 70°- 85°C hot water inlet for max. cleaning efficiency
        • Innovative hard foam cabinet - approved for the food industry
        • Built on powder-coated steel frame
        • Foam cabinet also reduces the noise level
        • Incl. Low pump oil warning lamps, Service warning lamp, Hour counter, Low pump oil safety

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