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We carry a wide range of spare parts & accessories on a variety of pressure cleaners, scrubbers, sweepers & vacuum cleaners. We're an Authorised supplier for the following brands: Jetwave, Karcher, Kranzle, Gerni, Nilfisk


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  • Easyfoam365+Injector

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    Product Description

    The injectors completely made out of stainless steel make it possible to open two cross section areas (50 mm2 each) in order to guarantee a smooth use without drop in pressure when washing/rinsing. This ensures that the injector can be permanently kept in the high pressure line, also at the time when large water quantities are used e.g. in the agriculture or food industry. The cleaning capacity when cleaning and rinsing is not affected at all. A lever makes it possible to change from the cleaning and rinsing mode into injector operation. When using the cleaning mode, there are two bore holes guiding the high pressure water parallel to the injector (bypass mode). When using the injector the available water quantity is guided through the injection area

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